This very nice Split Window ’63 is finished in Ermine White over Red with the optional aluminum alloy wheels and knock-ons. The car has the 300 HP option motor and a 4 speed transmission.

This is a great driving mid-series Vette: the car runs extremely well, no smoke on start-up, acceleration or deceleration. The engine was purportedly re-built prior to its purchase some twenty years ago by its present owner and we can not dispute that, but we have no documentation except it runs very nicely!

The car appears pretty original except the obvious Hurst shifter, it also appears that the bell housing and a scatter shield are not original and may be impacting the release bearing adjustment: regardless they are incorrect for the car as are the clutch rods. The radiator is a copper core replacement and the bottom shield is missing. There are several other bits we noticed including steel flex brake lines, hose clamps, fuel lines, idler pulley, etc. that are not correct for a Corvette, or a Corvette of this year, and some date tags are not there such as the distributor and carburetor so we do not know if they are correct. The rear side yokes seem to be big-block versions. We are certain there are other non-original parts as well that we have not noted.

The brakes are very good, no pull and a solid pedal. The transmission shifts right and clutch take up is positive. The release bearing has slight bearing squeal. (See above.) No squeaks rattles and the car rides nicely. Steering is positive and smooth albeit not power assisted. The idler arm may need to be replaced and the steering coupler is worn but the car tracks and steers nicely now. The tires are quite old and bias ply and should be replaced. Radio works, some of the electrics require a bit of fettling: one headlight does not pop up, turn signals only work one side. Brake lights work, interior lights all seem to work. There are other items needing small attention the most important being a poorly routed left rear steel brake line that is not correctly captured on the frame and the speedometer cable is improperly routed and makes a slight rattling noise and the parking brake cable is not routed correctly. Last the rear diff mount is tired.

The car has been repainted prior to the current owner’s tenure: the paint is a nice job but not show quality. Luster in the paint is very good but some sanding marks and a little very minor crazing. There is a small bit of overspray on the interior door edges, but for twenty plus year old paint it’s in excellent shape. There is evidence that the body was repaired at some point in the front forward of the wheel arch, there is also a repair made to the floor and the hood has been repaired and shims have been added to level it. The body absolutely does look as nice as the photos and door gabs etc. are good sides are very straight. Body mounts on frame are tired as expected on a forty year old car.

It appears that the interior was re-trimmed at some point again prior to its current ownership. But we can not say for certain. The carpet is very good, seats excellent as are door panels. The only issues interior are the hand hold above the glove box has an area inside it that is separating and the two screw holes near the radio in the center console.

Chassis appears to have had work done as well: it is tidy and rust free, it has been undercoated and shows that is covering slight surface rust, but the car’s chassis is very solid, and in good condition: no holes, no rusted away areas, it is good. There is a frame repair made to the front cross member and that weld is serviceable if not as pretty as the factory. Some bushings appear to have been replaced, exhaust looks new. Shocks look new and as stated earlier: the car drives/rides and handles nicely.

The Vette has been in the same ownership for approximately 20 years. The present owner purchased the car from a Dealer in San Jose that is no longer in business: we know no further information on the car’s history. He purchased the car right after it’s re-spray and after the engine re-build: per the dealer. He has driven the car less than 4000 miles in the twenty years.

The following are the numbers we can easily access:

VIN # 30837S100328,
Per the VIN Tag: Trim 490C, Paint 936A, Style 63937 161
Engine # 3100328
Transmission # WH3143
Tail Housing #7-25-64
Differential Case #AXW_ 171E2
Intake H28992 8799348 2-2-1961

This is private party Corvette consigned to Driveline Automotive Consulting for sale. We have tried to accurately represent this vehicle including having it inspected by a mid-series Corvette expert restoration facility. This is a nice car, albeit not a show car. If you have any questions please call 650-261-1777 for more information, or if you wish to schedule an appointment to see and drive this Corvette.


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