1975 Ferrari “Dino” 308 GT4
only 82k miles!
for sale

1975 Ferrari "Dino" 308 GT4 only 82k miles!

This Dino 308 GT4 Serial number 11174 produced June 1975 is really straight, a very good one, and well documented. The present owner has had the car since 1983: two other owners, one for a very short time. The car runs and drives strong and tight! This Ferrari is current on service and has been well cared for and properly maintained all its life. No accidents, no rust, it's in wonderful cosmetic and mechanical condition I have known the car since 1984 as the owner bought it about the same time I purchased my own GT4. These Bertone bodied early 308's are very nice drivers, superb handling, wonderful dash layout, comfortable inside and have plenty of room for overnight travel. They are easily maintained, pre-computer based mechanicals with Webber carbs and provide wonderful trouble free fun.

Paint was re-sprayed once in 1980 (original color) and it's still extremely nice for its age. Interior front seat leather was redone 4 years ago, rest of leather died to tie in nicely to the new leather. Carpets were redone then to a nice quality. All tools, jack, and the manual set are with the car as is the original steering wheel. The owner will provide a nice bit of spare parts too, including a shop manual! The spare wheel is the stock Dino wheel: the car sits on 4 Ferrari Star alloys of the 1977 and later Dino's.

This car's timing belts were done at 78k miles, brakes and new ignition wires also done then also. Timing was set and the distributors are right (no issues with the advance due to worn parts.) Tires are Yokohama Avid, (2007) and very good. Battery replaced in 2006. AC works but needs a charge. No CA SMOG needed, as it's a 1975, but it has both air pumps. Never in an accident, very straight car, legit miles at 82k. This Dino has the benefit of the Modena Motors clutch spring and lever update resulting in much lightened leg power needed to depress the clutch pedal so around town driving is much nicer than stock.

If you have been looking for a nice, inexpensive Ferrari for weekends or as a daily driver you can not beat a 308GT4. I personally drove mine for ten years and loved it!

This is a private party car consigned to Driveline for sale.

VIN: 11174

Price $24,950